New thing #11: We tried Absinthe


… and not the watered down version. The 70% alcohol, made in the Czech Republic, highest content of thujone permitted, illegal to serve in the US, hallucinating unicorns and fairies kind. According to, this brand is “without doubt, the best absinthe available today.”

My first impressions: yuck, and ouch. Have I mentioned that I’m not a big drinker?

We decided that it’s a combo of three major flavors: mint, licorice, and burning. Yep, absinthe has made burning a flavor. We had the tiniest sips of the tiniest bottle, and our throats hurt for a good 15 minutes. Although the pictures may suggest otherwise, we didn’t feel much from our baby sips, and it’s better that way on Tuesday night with work the next day.

My friends are such good people to try these things with me. Thank you Ria and Veronica! And a special thanks to Ria’s parents, who travel around the world and bring back things like this.

4 thoughts on “New thing #11: We tried Absinthe

  1. Man I can taste it from here, ick!!! You forgot to mention if you saw any unicorns. Hope didn’t kill any brain cells. We sell absinthe at BEVMO, so let me know when you want some more.

    Bye, lovie, lovie

    • I didn’t see any unicorns but if I had taken another sip, I may have. I don’t think you sell this kind at bevmo. Apparently the “real” kind is illegal here in the US. I wonder if the legal kind tastes any better?

  2. Sierra, I’ve been told that Absinthe should be poured over a sugar cube in a spoon held over a glass, then you drink what’s in the glass. Would that have made a difference? Sweeter hallucinations? Save your brain cells.

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