New thing #21: Facial

IMG_5089Last weekend my friend Debbie took me out for an early birthday dinner (we tried a NEW restaurant too), and she gave me a gift card for a facial at Trio Skincare, where she works. I’ve never had a facial, so it was a perfect new thing to add to the list.

I had the Enzyme Facial, which is designed to eliminate bacteria and lift away dead skin cells to smooth and polish skin.

I usually feel a little weird about strangers touching me, which is probably why I’ve never done this (I’ve never had a massage either), but my esthetician Roxanne put me at ease right away. Plus, after the bikini wax, there’s no sense in modesty anymore.

I’ve noticed that doing all these new things has made me more chatty with people I don’t know. I told Roxanne all about my new stuff. I told her about all the goofy messages I’m getting on I talked about my past relationships, and even told her about my current crush (not a guy). Who knows, it could have been something in the “enzymes” opening my pores as well as my mouth, but I think it’s the new things project.

Thanks Debbie for an awesome birthday present!