New thing #22: Skates on the Bay & Treasure Island

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For my annual Machado family birthday dinner, we went to Skates on the Bay in Berkeley. I have wanted to try this place for years, and there is no better time than a birthday to try a new restaurant. I always feel guilty picking an expensive place, but my family is good about insisting that I shouldn’t.

I’m a sucker for any place near the water, and this one is so far out on the water that it felt like we were eating on a boat. I had the Filet Medallions, Oscar Style (steak topped with crab, asparagus, potatoes, and béarnaise sauce… pretty much all my favorite foods on one plate), and it was sooooo gooood.

After dinner, Dad drove me, Mason, and Grandma to Treasure Island to look at the city view. And guess what? I’ve never been to Treasure Island! It was a gorgeous view, and it was also freezing cold, so we only stayed a few minutes.

Thanks fam for another awesome birthday dinner! I promise that next year we’re going dirt-cheap. Burgers and beer all the way.

One thought on “New thing #22: Skates on the Bay & Treasure Island

  1. What a great table we had with a view and the sunset and your dinner dish looked awesome. I had a good time, thanks for introducing us to new restaurant.
    Luv, D

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