New thing #24: Spontaneous Road Trip


Today was my birthday, and besides for taking the day off work and having dinner with my mom and brother, I had no plans for the day. I’ve been so busy that I didn’t think much about what to do on my actual birthday. This is very unlike me. As evidenced by this blog, I’m a planner. But as I try to remind myself often, sometimes it’s better not to have a plan.

I was so exhausted from yesterday (not to mention from this whole month) that I slept in till noon and didn’t feel much like doing anything. When I finally managed to drag my ass out of bed, I knew I had to get it together enough to pick a new thing. I lazed around the house, took my time getting ready, and before I knew it the day was half over. I thought, just get in your car, and see where it takes you. After all, I did put on my new things list “something spontaneous,” because I definitely could use the practice.

As my car headed towards Clayton, CA, I thought how nice it was just to drive. I spend a lot of time in the car every day on my commute, but driving feels a lot less like a chore when you have nowhere to be. So I decided to just keep driving.

For any good road trip— even short, impulsive ones— you need the following: good music (Road Trippin’ Radio on Pandora), snacks (stopped at CVS to pick some up), and a scenic road (luckily I was headed in the right direction). I started driving down Marsh Creek Road, and just kept going. I didn’t make any turns, I drove straight ahead till I felt like turning around. It was a perfect Spring day for it too. 75 degrees, miles of green hills, blooming poppies, and every kind of animal. I saw the typical ones for this area: horses, sheep, cows, birds, squirrels, etc. I also saw a rabbit, a deer, and even a tarantula, yikes!

After that I went home for some dinner, cupcakes, and a movie with Mom and Mason. Check out the card Mason got me (see in the pic below), so perfect. All in all, a lovely birthday.