New thing #27: Taking the Train

Coast StarThis weekend I’m going to visit my friend Roxanne in Portland, OR. Although I’ve driven up and down the Oregon coast with my family, we never made it to Portland, so I’m psyched to see my friend and explore a new city. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve wanted to take a train trip, so I decided to take the train to Portland for my new thing. I leave tonight, and I’m posting this now because according to the Amtrak website, my Coast Starlight train does not have Wi-fi access (at least not for lowly Coach passengers like myself).

My one-way trip (I’m flying home) from Martinez to Portland is 17.5 hours. This sounds like a drag to some people, but I couldn’t be more excited! I will be well equipped with my laptop, movies, music, books, and whatever else I can think of to bring to keep myself entertained. Mostly I’m looking forward to just watching the scenery roll by, at least during the daylight hours. Since it’s an overnight train, I’m hoping to get at least a little sleep, so when I get to Portland tomorrow afternoon I won’t immediately pass out.

Can’t wait to (hopefully) tell you how awesome the train was. I’m imagining it to be just as cool as all movie train scenes are. Like, I’m pretty sure I will either a.) find a magical secret platform, b.) sing about Snow, Snow, SNOW!, c.) meet Ethan Hawk who will become the love of my life, d.) participate in some hijinks with some funny dudes disguised as women, e.) get stuck on the tracks and have to train dodge at the last minute. Do you think my expectations may be too high?

harrypotter_platform93_41  snow  before-sunrise-1995-ethan-hawke-julie-delpy-train-meeting-review  SomeLikeItHot_056Pyxurz  standbyme


One thought on “New thing #27: Taking the Train

  1. How exciting!!! Have fun be safe and fall in love. If not with someone then with your life cause it’s pretty awesome right now!!

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