New thing #30: Multnomah Falls

Made with Repix ( heading home today, Roxanne took me to Multnomah Falls. I’ve wanted to see this waterfall for years, so I was excited to finally cross it off the bucket list.

Multnomah is 30 minutes outside Portland along the Columbia River Gorge, and the second tallest year-round waterfall in the US (the first I think is Yosemite Falls). We also drove to the Vista House Crown Point lookout.

All I can say about Multnomah, is that there’s nothing to say about it. Words fail. Everything, the surrounding green, the mossy trees, the mist in the air, the biting cold, the stone steps, the old bridge (broken a couple months ago due to a rock slide), every bit of it is almost too beautiful. I felt like the David After the Dentist kid… “is this real life?”

I’ll just let the pictures (I couldn’t stop taking pictures!) speak for themselves. Thanks, Roxanne, for a great trip!







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