New thing #26: Sketch & Updates


Instead of the typical card and cake, my boss asked if I wanted to do a “new thing” for my work birthday celebration. I thought of going out for ice cream, and she suggested we go to Sketch down the street from our office (which happens to be across from the Sierra Nevada tasting room). They are known for their made in-house daily, organic ice cream, and offer more unusual, “boutique” kinds of flavors (I got the vanilla lavender swirl). It was nice to get a small break from the rain, take a walk, and move the work birthday ritual out of the office for a change.


Also, today my friend Jamie took me out to lunch for my birthday and gave me this awesome card. She said it made her think of my new things project.










Some people have been asking how certain things are going, so here are a few updates:

  • One of the brides from the Narnia wedding commented on the blog when she got back from her honeymoon, and I was stoked that she seemed happy with it.
  • I’m only on page 110 of War & Peace. I hope to catch up after this crazy busy month is over.
  • I was happy to see that the acts of kindness seemed to be spreading. A couple weeks ago someone left change in an envelope taped to our work vending machine. Written on the envelope: “The next one is on me.” Also, more co-workers ended up reading the blog than I anticipated, so at least one of the “anonymous” card recipients found out it was me who gave it to them. Oh well, you can’t expect anything to be kept secret once you put it on the internet.
  • I haven’t been back to BodyCombat class. I’ve barely been to the gym this month at all. Come April I plan to make a full comeback!
  • Mom and I watched our episode of Dance Party. We got on camera a decent amount, but I was surprised by how lame my dancing was, or should I say, my standing around. In my head I thought I was dancing, but on TV, I look like I’m barely moving! Maybe I was more nervous than I realized? I think the only way I would go back is to redeem myself. Go big or stay off the dance floor people!
  • I still want to stop on Frontage Road every day when I drive by it. I might have to start walking there once a week.
  • I got my official acceptance letter from Make-a-Wish! I go to the first volunteer training in May.
  • I found out today on our ice cream outing that apparently there is a lot of controversy surrounding Bay Street. The mall was built on an ancient Ohlone Indian burial ground. Since 2001 the Ohlone descendants host a “don’t buy anything day.” I hope that wasn’t the day I chose to shop there, yikes!
  • So far is and is not what I expected. I did expect it to feel artificial and forced. What I didn’t expect was how often I would have to ignore people. I thought I could just join, and kind of scope it out for a while, but the site has been livelier than that. I’m constantly getting emails, likes, “winks,” and match updates (I understand this is a typical woman’s experience with this site, so if you like this kind of attention, this is the place for you). Messages like “hey beautiful,” I’m okay ignoring. Some are unintentionally funny (“your eyes exude passion and wisdom…”), but some guys have written some really thoughtful and clever emails. None of them are people I would be interested in meeting/dating though (some due to distance, sorry but I’m not driving to Palo Alto to meet you for coffee), so it’s hard to decide if I should write them back. I would love to thank them for putting effort into their attempts, but it feels like leading them on.
  • I haven’t received my DNA testing kit, but I can’t wait!
  • I mentioned having a crush in my facial post, but people can stop asking about it. It’s clearly an unrequited crush, so there will likely be no interesting updates there.
  • My tattoo is healing nicely. It actually didn’t really need to heal at all, being that it was so small. I still love it, and it already feels like a part of me.


New thing #1: A Lesbian Wedding in Narnia

Made with Repix ( few nights ago I asked my best friend, Ria, what I should do for the first day of my 31 new things project. I told her that it should be something fun, interesting, and really starts the month off of right. She thought for a minute, and said, “I’m doing the makeup for a wedding on Saturday, come with me! It’s a lesbian wedding, and it’s Chronicles of Narnia themed. Dressing up is encouraged.”

I loved this idea for my first new thing. Attending a lesbian Narnia wedding is definitely something I’ve never done before, and I would venture a guess that it’s something no one has ever done before.

I’ve never even been to the wedding of a same sex couple. I can’t say that it’s been a bucket list thing of mine (mostly because I wouldn’t think it would be much different from a straight person’s wedding), but given the progress that gay couples have made in the recent years with their right to wed, I was bound to go to one soon enough.

And can we talk about the Chronicles of Narnia theme for a minute? Like… what? I’ve never been to a theme wedding either, but as far as themes go, I thought this was a pretty great one. Not only is it a great story, but there has never been an easier set up for coming out of the closet jokes in the history of the world. I knew I wouldn’t wear a costume, but I did find the perfect accessory: see freakishly large lion necklace below.


I have been to lots of weddings, but have never been to a stranger’s wedding before. It seemed odd to intrude on someone’s wedding day, but the brides and their friends were very welcoming. We got there two hours early so Ria could makeup the girls, so Dominique (our other friend who came with us) and I were immediately recruited to help. I hung decorations, set up tables, lay down the cloth that served as the isle, and covered everything in the room with glitter. I also helped some of the wedding party get ready. I did more set up work than for the weddings I was actually in. Reina, one of the brides, even wore my bracelet as her “something borrowed.”

The getting ready part was chaotic, as it is for most weddings, but Dominique and I managed to sneak away for a few minutes to play on the swings at the neighboring park.

I’m not generally crazy for weddings the way some women are, but I’m glad I went to this one. The ceremony was lovely, and as I assumed, no different than a straight person’s wedding. The minister spoke about friendship, loyalty, commitment, and love, and was even able to tie in the Chronicles of Narnia somehow. He told the couple that weddings are not only a declaration of love to each other, but also a public declaration of love to your friends, family, the law, and the world.

I’m excited to be living in a time when it’s not only becoming more acceptable, but commonplace, for gay couples to make that declaration.

Congratulations, Reina and Carolina!

One more thing…

The wedding favor— a little box of goodies that included a tiny lion figurine —gave me a great idea to collect small mementos from each of my new things.