New thing # 6: Afghan Food

IMG_4376I’m not the most adventurous eater. I will try almost anything once, but it’s fair to say that I will never choose a new or “exotic” restaurant over a tried and true favorite. This especially frustrated my dad growing up, who would try to get my mom, brother, and I to branch out more. He would say, “Hey, let’s try that new Moroccan place!” To which we would say, “Nah, how about the Spaghetti Factory again?”

That is why I’m really glad he was able to join me for dinner tonight. I told him I wanted to try something new, and that I was sure I could count on him for a good suggestion. He recommended a place called Chopan Kabob, an Afghan restaurant.

My first impression is that it’s similar to Indian food. Most dishes included rice, flat bread, yogurt, and everything seems to have a mild spice to it. There were some appetizers that I’ve seen on Indian food menus, like Pakora (lumps of deep fried vegetables), which we ordered, and I got the lamb, something I wouldn’t normally get.

I thought everything was pretty good. It’s not a place that will become a favorite I’m sure, but that’s okay. It was exciting to try something different, and it’s always great to hang out with my dad. I hope he was proud that his little girl wanted to branch out for a change. Better late than never, Dad!

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