New thing #14: Bay Street


This is another one of those places that I see every day on the way home that I’ve never been. Bay Street in Emeryville is a shopping area with a movie theater. I walked the whole complex and went into almost every store (I only bought one thing, see below), and then met Ria for a movie: opening night of the Veronica Mars movie!



So I thought of today as a collection of small firsts:

– Shopping at Bay Street

– Going to an AMC movie theater

– Seeing a new movie, and one that was funded by Kickstarter (if you don’t know the Veronica Mars movie story, click here)

– Bought my first TMNT shirt. As a fan, I think it’s important to have one.

I love how going to a new place, even if it’s only a couple miles from your office or even your own home, makes you feel like you’re on vacation.